The Stowe Community Church is a very popular site for weddings and baptisms due to its location in the picturesque resort town of Stowe and its classic New England Colonial design. We welcome same sex wedding ceremonies to our church building and support our minister in the performance of the same wherever he may have opportunity. If you are thinking about having your ceremony in our sanctuary, the following FAQ is a good place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I be married at Stowe Community Church if I’m not a member?

Yes, membership at Stowe Community Church is not required to hold your wedding here, although we certainly encourage you to join if you will be residing locally.


What does it cost?

The church is an important part of your wedding day and deserves some financial consideration. Here is a breakdown of our requested donations:

  • A non-refundable deposit/donation of $100 is required to hold the dates and times for your rehearsal and wedding.
  • A $535 donation for use of the church is requested; checks may be made payable to the Stowe Community Church. (This includes the custodian fee and your deposit.)
  • Our organist requests an honorarium  of $150. Please contact the Music Director/Organist, Karen Miller, at (802) 533-7720 to discuss your music selections.
  • Our pastor, Will Vaus, requests an honorarium of $300. This covers the cost of his time for performing your ceremony, rehearsal, and planning sessions so that we can create a service that is just right for you. Please make the check for his services in his name.

All donations/honoraria must be prepaid at least one month prior to the wedding, or the wedding will be removed from the church calendar. If you have a financial challenge with these requested donations/honoraria, please raise your concern with the Pastor, Rev. Will Vaus, or Marylou in the church office.


How do I plan my service?

The Reverend Will Vaus is ordained by the Next Leadership Association, a non-denominational group. The basic wedding ceremony that he offers is based upon The Book of Common Worship from the Presbyterian tradition. However, you are encouraged to be creative in working with Will to create your own service. He can offer additional suggestions on request.

You will spend much of your time with Rev. Vaus planning your service, so it will be helpful if you have given some thought to the content of your service prior to the first meeting.


May I bring my own clergy?

Yes, visiting clergy are welcome to participate, and family or friend involvement is also encouraged. These details will be discussed during your planning meetings.


Whom should I contact about music?

The organ is the traditional instrument played for church weddings. Please call our Organist, Karen Miller, to discuss your music needs, whether you would like to request her services or receive permission to invite another organist or musicians to play for your wedding. Karen can be reached at (802) 533-7720.

What about flowers?

Flowers are an important part of your wedding. Generally, an arrangement on the communion table is sufficient.

Pew clips are required if you are decorating the pews with flowers or ribbons to avoid damage to the pews. There are twelve pews on each side.

We ask that you use silk flowers if your ceremony includes the sprinkling of petals down the aisle, as real petals stain the carpet.

Also, we request that flowers NOT be placed on the piano.

If you would like to leave the altar arrangement for the Sunday worship service, please let us know in the church office, and your wedding will be acknowledged in the Sunday worship bulletin.

May I incorporate candle lighting into my ceremony?

Yes. The 26-inch pair of candlesticks on the communion table are customarily used for wedding ceremonies.

If you would like to have a unity-candle lighting ceremony, please contact your florist to provide the candle arrangement. We also have unity candle holders that you may use, if you wish.

Should I arrange for a carpet runner?

Yes, but it is not necessary. If you choose to have a runner, please convey to the florist that the center aisle is 75 feet long. Also, keep in mind that runners can pose a tripping hazard. The sanctuary carpet color is cranberry, and your wedding attire will show up beautifully against this dark carpet.

When does the rehearsal typically take place?

Rehearsals take place the evening before the wedding generally between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. It is very important to make sure that your wedding party is at the church on time as there may be other rehearsals that evening.

On average, the rehearsal takes about thirty minutes. The processional, the details of the service, and the recessional are rehearsed. Logistics and ushering instructions are also given at this time.

How do we obtain our Marriage License?

In-state couples may apply for their license from the town clerk in their place of  residence. Out-of-state couples must apply at the Stowe Town Clerk’s office in the municipal building in the center of Stowe village. Find out more about getting married in Vermont.

The Wedding License must be presented at the rehearsal or beforehand.

Where will my guests park?

There is enough room in front of the church to park two (2) standard size vehicles or two (2) limousines. Signs are placed in front of the church to reserve these spaces. Additional parking is in the rear of the building.

Please obey the signs. There is parking for the handicapped behind the church and across the street.

It may be a good idea to state in your invitations that there is ample public parking behind the church in the Recreational Path parking lot, along Main Street and on various side streets nearby.

What is your policy regarding birdseed, confetti, and rice?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow the throwing of birdseed, rice, or confetti. If it rains, these materials are very difficult to clean up, and they also get tracked into the church. Please advise your guests of this policy.

Do you have any special recommendations regarding photography?

Yes, we ask that no direct flash be taken during the service. During the processional and recessional, flashes are acceptable.

Photography is an important part of your wedding day. We recommend that you discuss with your photographer the details of the service, so that you are both satisfied with the photographic plans.

May I have a receiving line?

Due to the limited space in the church, it is preferable to receive your guests at the reception. Depending on the wedding schedule of the day, time restraints also may limit the time available for receiving lines and photographs.

We recommend that you have your formal photographs taken right after the service and encourage your guests to move directly to the reception. These details will be discussed with the minister during your meetings.

How do I reserve the church for my wedding?

Contact Marylou in the office at 802-253-7257 to see if the date you want is available. A deposit will firmly secure your wedding date on the church calendar. When you are ready to do this, please complete the “Wedding Information Form”, which is included in the wedding packet Marylou will send to you, and send it with your check or contact Marylou in the office with your credit card information.

If you later decide not to use the Stowe Community Church for your service, please call the church office with your name and wedding date, and you will be removed from our wedding file.

Some Photos/Credit: Larry Asam Photography | 149 Grove Lane, Waterbury Center, VT 05677